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Falex Tackiness Adhesion Analyzer (TAA)

Quantifiable tackiness properties with the Falex Tackiness Adhesion Analyzer (TAA).

Falex introduces the first commercial instrument to accurately measure both the tackiness and adhesion of greases and other viscous or viscoelastic fluids and semi-solids. TAA replaces the subjective finger test and other empirical methods by measuring adhesion force, and thread length (tackiness) between a probe and the grease. separation energy can be calculated from force-indentation curves.

FALEX 200 Features

  • Only instrument that measures the complete approach-retraction curve with high precision and repeatability

  • Algorithm computes the thread length, adhesion and separation energy for easy ranking of greases

  • Very small amount of grease required per test (5 ml)

  • Fully automated test sequences, programmed from user interface with touchscreen 

  • Programmable indexing table for automation of the tackiness curve measurements 

  • Variable retraction speeds 

  • Removable 3-piece sample holder for easy cleaning 

  • Easily exchangeable sensor stylus 

  • Temperature testing range from ambient to 100°C

  • Hierarchical USER management (operator – superuser) 

  • Sleek, modern design

  • ‘Industry 4.0 ready’ design for integration of data analysis in cloud or network databases 

  • DMA (Dynamic Measurement Analysis) expansion

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