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Fretting Wear Test Machine

The revamped Fretting Wear Test Machine from Falex meets the requirements of ASTM D4170, “Standard Test Method for Fretting Wear Protection by Lubricating Greases,” while offering integrated digital time control, ability to operate at variable speeds, increased user safety and a fresh, modern appearance.

The tester uses two ball thrust bearings, lubricated with the test grease and oscillated through an arc of 0.21 radians (12°) at a frequency of 30.0 Hz (1800 cpm) under a constant load of 2450 N (550 lbf) for 22 hours at room temperature. Fretting wear is determined by measuring the mass loss of the bearing races.

Falex Corporation, being the listed sole source supplier of the required bearing specimens, is ready to handle all of your ASTM D4170 needs.

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