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Lab Testing Services

For companies requiring testing but not wanting to make the capital investment in Falex equipment, we offer laboratory testing services. Our capabilities support research, development, quality control, problem solving, and marketing programs.

Our lab testing services are ideal for:

  • Manufacturers
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Scientists

All testing services are conducted by our experienced, specialized staff and adhere to standard and application specific custom test methods using modern tribology and physical properties tests. With more than 85 years of testing experience behind us, you can be assured that all results are reliable, accurate and unbiased. We offer solutions to such challenges as:

  • Identification of wear scenarios
  • Selection and application test methods
  • Design and fabrication of fixtures and test specimens
  • Analysis and interpretation of test data

If the parts move, Falex Lab Testing can help! Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Testing Services

Falex Pin and Vee Block Testing
ASTM D2625ASolid Film Endurance (Wear Life) Test (4 operations)
ASTM D2625BSolid Film Load Carrying Capacity (4 operations)
ASTM D2670Wear Test (tooth wear count)
ASTM D3233Extreme Pressure Test (increasing load to failure)
ASTM D5620AThin Film Test in a Drain and Dry Mode, Endurance Test
ASTM D5620BThin Film Test in a Drain and Dry Mode, Load Carrying Capacity
Falex EngOilWearWear Evaluation of Engine Oils and Additives
Falex EPWearWear Evaluation of Extreme Pressure Fluid Lubricants
Falex RefrgWearWear Evaluation of Refrigeration Lubricants
Falex ShockWearWear Evaluation of Shock Fluid Lubricants
Falex Block on Ring Testing
ASTM D2714Calibration Wear Test
ASTM D2981Solid Film Wear Resistance (1hour duration)
ASTM D3704Wear Preventative Properties (grease)
ASTM G77Materials Resistance to Slide Wear (1 hour duration)
ASTM G137Ranking of Plastic Materials, Sliding Wear (1 hour duration)
Falex Timken
ASTM D2509Timken “OK Load” (grease)
ASTM D2782Timken “OK Load” (fluid)
Falex Tapping Torque Testing
ASTM D5619Tapping Torque Evaluation of Metalworking Fluids
Falex MethodCutting Test (Falex procedure)
Falex Four Ball EP Testing
ASTM D2596Four Ball E.P. Test (grease)
ASTM D2783Four Ball E.P. Test (Fluid)
Falex BOTD18Ball on Three Disk Test (1 hour duration)
CEC-L-45-A-99KRL Shear Stability Test
IP 300Rolling Contact Fatigue Test
Falex Four Ball Wear Testing
ASTM D2266Four Ball Wear Test (grease)
ASTM D4172Four Ball Wear Test (fluid)
ASTM D5183Coefficient of Friction of Lubricants
Falex Fretting Wear Testing
ASTM D4170Fretting Wear Protection by Lubricating Greases
Falex Abrasion/Erosion Testing
ASTM B611Steel Wheel Slurry Test
ASTM G65ADry Sand Abrasion
ASTM G75Miller Abrasion Test
ASTM G105Slurry Test
Falex TaborTabor Abrasion
Falex Multispecimen Testing
ASTM G99Single Ball or Pin on Disk Test
ASTM G99 (3 Ball)Three Ball or Pin on Disk Test
ASTM D3702Wear Rate of Self Lubricating Material (140 hours)
Falex 3BllMicroThree Ball Micro-Film Test
Falex 3PadDskThree Pad on Disk Test
Falex 4Bll6Four Ball Wear Test
Falex 4BllRoll6Rolling Four Ball
Falex Bll3Dsk6Ball on Three Disk Test
Falex BllRodFatBall/Rod Rolling Fatigue Test
Falex BrngBearing Test
Falex CnvyrConveyor Test
Falex CStrssCyclic Stress Vane Test
Falex ErsnErosion Test
Falex GCamGear Cam Test
Falex GMLVFA6Low Velocity (GM Low Velocity Test)
Falex HGearHyphoid Gear Contact Test
Falex ImpctImpact Test
Falex LgTWshrThrust Washer Test – Large Test Radius
Falex LipSealLip-Seal Test
Falex OrngO-Ring Test
Falex OSCRollSlideOscillating Roll/Slide Test
Falex OSCRollSlideOscillating Roll/Slide Test (25 hour duration)
Falex PmpRotPump Rotor Vane Test
Falex PwdrPowder Test
Falex RublmpactRubber Impact Cam Test
Falex SealFace Seal Test
Falex SealRingSeal Ring Test
Falex ShearStab6Sheer Stability Test
Falex SheetAbrSheet Abrasion Test
Falex SheetFrmSheet Forming Test
Falex SmTWshrThrust Washer Tests – Small Test Radius
Falex SslipStick-Slip Thrust Washer Test
Falex TimingTiming Belt Test
Falex VamasBall in Disk Test (stationary ball, rotating disk)
Falex VickersCyclic Stress
Falex Visc6Viscous Test
Falex WCamWalking Cam

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