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A new industry Learning Center facility is now open at the combined Falex and Compass Instruments headquarters in Sugar Grove, Illinois. The shared Learning Center comprises 15,000 square feet of the recent 20,000 square feet expansion of the Compass/Falex campus and includes meeting space, a complete application laboratory for hands-on training, and a catering kitchen for full-day events.  The facility offers an excellent venue for the training of Compass and Falex partners and customers to support the worldwide community. 

“Usually trainings need to be done in a hotel conference space without a laboratory, but with the opening of the Learning Center, we now have the opportunity to provide hands-on, group training for our partners for the support of our customers, ” said Jim Hepp, president of Compass Instruments.

The Learning Center was opened in mid-April when a meeting of 60 members of the Society of Tribology and Lubrication Engineers visited for their monthly plant tour and meeting at the facility. The month of June is booked for 3-day training classes on the Sindie® On-Line Analyzer offered by Compass, and in July the Learning Center will host the first-ever gathering of Compass distributors held at the headquarters.

Hepp is excited about the opportunities that the Learning Center brings to help industry professionals. “With the ability to train within a laboratory environment, we can teach customers to “applicate the science” so that they can better interpret the data they receive from our instruments.” These trainings are expected to include hands-on experience and expert tutorials covering octane, vapor pressure, atmospheric and vacuum distillation, color, haze, thermal oxidation, flashpoint, sulfur, water separation, conductivity, fuel lubricity, friction, wear, and abrasion analysis. Featured systems will include the CFR XCP F1/F2, PCS HFRR, Choice Color and Haze, Normalab Pensky-Martens and Distillation, PILODIST Vacuum Distillation, D@ Water Separation and Conductivity,Stanhope-Seta SetaVap4, XOS On-Line Sindie e®, and the Falex Four-Ball, Pin and Vee Block, Thermal Oxidation Tester and Ellipsometer, Block-on-Ring, and Thermal Fouling Tester. For more information on what’s happening in the Learning Center, email Sales@Falex.com