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New Falex prototype, developed to help fill gaps in ventilator supply

Sugar Grove, IL – When the Covid-19 pandemic started affect all of us, Falex was contacted to see if we could help in the fight.  A leading university developed a way to automate a manual bag resuscitator and they were looking for manufacturers to complete the development and produce them. The device was known as the E-Vent.  The prototype is an inexpensive design that can be produced quickly.   The E-Vent does not replace conventional ventilators; however, the E-Vent does provide two valuable features.  First, it gives ventilator functionality in emergency situations freeing up health care professionals on the front line and, second, it can be used with non-critical patients to free up full-function ventilators for patients in critical need. Falex’s 3-D printer was used to produce most of the mechanical parts.  After parts were made and the electrical components were received, the prototype was assembled, wired, and made a functional, field-deployable machine within 2 weeks.  The ability to pivot manufacturing from the core product line to this equipment was made possible by a highly skilled engineering and production workforce.


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