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Litigation Investigations

We Offer Authoritative Insight that isĀ Understandable and Unambiguous

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The Falex 430 ETR is the first quantitative and completely objective instrument for the analysis of D3241 Thermal Oxidation Stability of Aviation Turbine Fuels heater tube deposit thickness.

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The Industry Pioneer in Tribology and Test Equipment

Welcome to Falex, the leading supplier of high quality petroleum and tribology test equipment for the evaluation of the physical properties of fuels, lubricants and materials. Since our humble beginnings in 1927, we have helped companies in industrial applications, including aerospace, military, and manufacturing, meet the highest ASTM and industry standards as they develop their materials, lubricants and fuels.

We offer equipment sales and reliable laboratory testing services. We are best known for our industry standard Falex Pin and Vee Block, Block-on-Ring, Timken and Four-Ball Testers.

We also apply our expertise to a wide variety of technical investigations that provide attorneys, litigators, and corporate counsel with the analysis and expert testimony they needĀ to support the case.

Look to Falex for all of your tribology and related requirements. Find out how Falex can work for you.

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