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Project Management

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Many expert witness firms scarcely mention project management as a core contribution to a successful technical investigation. At Falex, project management is a cornerstone of litigation-related technical investigations. Legal project management is a relatively recent thrust in litigation to help contain costs by achieving efficiency in transactional processes. In contrast, project management in R&D took hold in most major companies in the 1970s and 1980s. 

Effective project management instills best practices and strives to ensure  that your investigation is: 

  • Comprehensive
  • Timely
  • Based on sound scientific and engineering principles
  • Cost efficient

Our organization is unique in having experts who have also started and led large investigative
organizations and global R&D collaborations, involving millions of dollars of funding and notable companies and government entities. 

We are not only experts in our areas of technical expertise; we are also experts in how to conduct investigations. This has two large advantages for our clients: 1) our work is planned, organized, and checked for quality and timeliness and 2) we continuously probe and address the weaknesses in our opinions, and in the opinions of the opposing experts. This unique and valuable perspective can produce  more effective investigations, more actionable insight, and greater accuracy in planning and meeting requirements in a timely, efficient manner for our clients.