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Multidisciplinary Research

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Today‚Äôs accidents, product failures, and intellectual property disputes are often multi-disciplinary in nature. This is because computationally-based contemporary engineering can tailor solutions to very specific problems, and because modern materials are anisotropic (directional) in their properties. Because of this, issues involving computationally-based engineering and anisotropic material properties are often better served by a broader systems approach to failure analysis, similar to contemporary R&D, by a team of specialists and led by a multidisciplinary researcher. This is an evolution from hiring a specialist before there is real insight to the key underlying issues. 

Our team approaches failure analysis using the same proven procedures of top-notch research organizations and companies. We have extensive proficiency with materials, product development and design principles as well as the physical sciences (physics and physical chemistry). With this understanding of the performance of materials, products, and processes, we can uncover the underlying issues and focus the specialized testing and analysis. For systems with moving components, we integrate the science of friction, wear, and lubrication (tribology) with materials science and mechanical principles. 

Coming to the right answer is essential, but not enough. Any expert witness testimony must make sense to people with limited technical knowledge. We find that our comprehensive approach results not only in in the discovery of even deeper insight, but also organizes it into simple, unifying, and fully vetted principles that help people without scientific and engineering training understand and assimilate the results of our investigation.