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Broad Knowledge and Experience

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There is truth in saying if you hire a metallurgist, you will get a metallurgical investigation, or if you hire a structural engineer, you will get a design investigation. 

However, in many litigation and insurance claims, the key underlying technical issues that determine why something happened and who is responsible can be obscure, complex, and misleading at the outset of the investigation. Picking experts with a scope of knowledge that is too narrow can lead to missing key underlying issues. This creates an investigation that is far less effective and more costly and time-consuming than necessary.

It is not unlike seeking medical treatment from a specialist before a general practitioner has diagnosed the nature of the ailment. Most likely, you’ll be subjected to unnecessary tests that add time and cost because the specialist’s perspective is too narrow to diagnose the root problem. 

Falex tackles investigations the way marquee technical companies tackle research: with people having multidisciplinary knowledge and experience, supported by highly skilled specialists and resources for testing, analyses, and simulations. This allows us to approach our technical investigations related to accidents, product failures, and intellectual property disputes from many different perspectives to produce a well-supported, definitive result. Our team leader is your testifying expert and offers credentials, time-tested performance, confidence, and professional demeanor while the rest of the team provides specialized insight, and test resources and analysis so vital for an effective litigation. 

Our investigations have changed the direction and nature of litigation cases and produced better outcomes. By following the logic of good researchers and asking fundamental probing questions about possibilities, both plausible and unlikely (questions that very few specialists ask), we discover the key underlying technical issues that other experts may miss.