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Thermal Fouling Tester (FT2)

The Falex Thermal Fouling Tester (FT2, SAE) is the first instrument designed specifically for the SAE ARP 5996 Evaluation of Coking Propensity of Aviation Lubricants Using the Single Phase Flow Technique Test Method. It’s the ultimate in ease of use and fully flexible programmability with features and capabilities requested by users. The FT2 provides convenient, flexible programming along with extensive, customizable safety and shutdown protocols. The FT2’s enhanced hotspot determination and confirmation routines mean the Falex FT2 should be a part of any critical turbine oil analysis laboratory.

The FT2 Refinery Process Analyzer (RPA) is helpful for research projects and production studies of heat exchanger fouling tendencies, antifoulant efficiency studies and crude oil fouling studies. Aluminum and stainless steel tubes are available.