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Litigation Investigations

Our Multidisciplinary Approach Yields
Understandable, Unambiguous Results

For litigators, insurers and companies seeking clarity on accidents, product failures and intellectual property disputes, the Falex Litigation Investigation team performs technical investigations with an efficient, multidisciplinary approach. Our investigations have changed the direction and nature of litigation cases and produced better outcomes when the stakes were high.

The Falex team examines a wide variety of incidents involving aircraft, vehicles, industrial equipment, materials performance and compatability, and intellectual property. Falex conducts investigations similar to the way the larger, globally recognized industrial firms do: by engaging experts with broad knowledge, experience, and credentials in various areas of the physical sciences (physics and chemistry), and supported by highly skilled specialists such as those with expertise in tribology (examination of lubrication, friction and wear). This multidisciplinary approach unearths any obscure, complex or misleading technical issues that may be missed by a narrower scope of investigation.

We offer a highly credentialed investigative team of scientific and engineering experts with the important qualities needed for effective, results-driven investigations:

Broad Knowledge and Experience
Based on the physical sciences, we identify issues early in an investigation when key underlying factors seem elusive and complex. Read More

Multidisciplinary Research
Our effective integration of materials science with tribology – the science of friction, wear and lubrication – and structural and mechanical principles helps us ask the right questions and get the right answers. Read More

Project Management
We are not only experts in conducting technical investigations, but also performing them with professionalism and efficiency to contain costs while achieving better outcomes. Read More

Enthusiasm, Clarity and Inspiration
Coming to the right answer is essential, but not enough. Any expert witness testimony must also be authoritative and understandable to people with limited technical knowledge. Read More

Professionalism and Ethical Integrity
All of our investigations are conducted with a high standard of ethics for our investigation methods, technical work, project management, and communications.

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